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AppTank: FAQ on Outsourcing Your App Development project on AppTank

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General Questions top

What is AppTank?

AppTank is the only premiere site to find professional app developers and premium app projects.It is where those who have app projects can hire professional app developers to develop their project. It also serves as a place for developers to find premium app projects to develop. However, AppTank is not a place to sell your app ideas.

Why use AppTank?

AppTank is the only premiere website to find talented, professional developers! As for our projects that are posted, we screen all the incoming app projects to ensure the quality and legitimacy of the lead. AppTank supports every platform from iPhone apps to web apps.

How does AppTank work?

Here is the skinny on how AppTank works, individuals, entrepreneurs and business people with premium projects sign up and post their project. Professional developers review the posted projects and submit quotes on projects they would like to develop. After reviewing the developers, the client then hires the best developer for their project! With AppTank, developers don't have to worry about competing with thousands of developers since each project can only have a maximum of 8 bids and they can also be sure that each project is a legitimate since AppTank pre-qualifies each project

What are the Terms and Conditions?

Terms & Conditions

What is the Privacy Policy?

Privacy Policy

Client Questions top

Why should I use AppTank?

With AppTank, you can be sure that you are connecting with the most talented professional developers. You are avoiding the mess of searching the internet and trying to find professional developers. Simply post your project on AppTank and let the developers come to you. Unlike similar sites that charge a posting fee or commission, AppTank allows you to post your projects for free!

How much does it cost me to post my project?

It's FREE! No fees, no commission charge, it is absolutely free to post your project.

How do I post my project?

Log in, click the button that says submit a project, fill out the form, and you are good to go! You can also Submit a Project here if you are already logged in.

What information should I put in the description?

You want to be as informative as possible. This will provide the developers with the information that will help them decide if they are the best developer for your project. If you are worried about a developer taking your idea, then leave the description as informative as possible without giving away your idea. Also be ready to provide the developer with a Non-Disclosure Agreement if need be.

What am I NOT allowed to put in the description?

Your personal website, contact information and any app projects that you are not ready to start. Any information for which developers can contact you through by only reading your description. AppTank will pre-screen each project posted to ensure that only the correct information is posted. We at AppTank reserve the right to remove any of the information stated above from your project description if it does not meet our specific guidelines.

I don't know how much it will cost, how should I budget for my project?

Project cost varies on how large the idea is, how complex, how many platforms for which you want it to operate on and how time consuming. Be sure to submit the budget you are able to work with and developers give you more of a solid cost once they bid on your project. Below you can find a basic rubric on what the hourly charges are:

Freelance Developer: $20-$80/hour
Mid-Range Development Firm: $80-$150/hour
Professional Development Firm: $150+/hour

How do I make my project more attractive for developers?

Be sure to be as descriptive as possible in your description. Have a budget that is reasonable and not limited. Different developers are looking for different projects so just make sure that you are confident in your app project and the right developer will come to you!

What happens after I submit my project?

You will sit back and wait for the developers to come knocking on your door for your business. After a developer submits a bid on your project, you will receive an e-mail notifying you what developer is bidding for your project. We will provide you with their information and the developers should be contacting you within minutes from submitting their bid.

How do I keep developers from stealing my idea?

Be sure to keep your description as detailed as possible without giving away your idea. Once a developer has purchased your lead, before discussing your idea, you should have them sign / agree to an NDA. Be sure to mention in your description that you require them to sign an NDA.

How do I hire a developer?

Once you have selected the developer you would like to hire, simply click winner next to the developer's name on your dashboard. It is then up to you to get in contact with the developer and work out a plan to develop your project.

How do I close / remove a project posting?

Once your project is posted, it will be closed by meeting one of the following:
a. The listed bidding due date.
b. All bids for your project have fulfilled.

If you need to remove your project due to unforeseen circumstances, you also have the options within to close your project manually.

How do I pay the developer?

This is solely up to you as the client and the developer to create a payment plan. AppTank has no association or involvement with payment methods, delivery dates or anything related to the development of the app or project. It is best to have all this information in writing before an agreement is made and any work is done on a project.

Do I have to leave a rating/review on the developer?

It is highly recommended for you to rate and review the developer that worked with you on your project. So yes, we would appreciate if you reviewed and rated your developer. This helps build credibility for the developer as well as create a track history that potential clients can refer to when deciding to hire that particular developer over other developers.

How do I leave reviews about a developer?

After your project is completed, scroll to the bottom of your dashboard and under "Rate and Review", next to the given project you want to leave a review for, click "Rate and Review", simple as that!

How do I report a developer for malicious behavior?

It is in the best interest of AppTank to ensure only the best and most qualified developers are users of our services. If you believe that a developer has acted out of the interest of you or AppTank, you may report such behavior by going to your client dashboard, and clicking on "Rate and Review". You may also e-mail us at

Does AppTank guarantee the work of the developer?

No, AppTank does not guarantee the work of any developers. It is solely up to you and your judgment to choose which developer will work best. AppTank has no involvement in the quality or work ethic of any developer. If you have a question that wasn't listed above, submit it to us using our contact page and we will gladly answer your question.

Developer Questions top

Why should I use AppTank?

As a developer, you can rest assured knowing that you are purchasing leads to legitimate, premium projects. AppTank screens all incoming app projects to ensure their legitimacy. Instead of paying money on advertisements, such as Cost Per Click campaigns, that have a low return on investment, with AppTank, you are taking charge of the money you are spending on pre-screened projects that you know are legitimate. There is no commission charge and we do not auto ship leads to you. So you are only paying for the leads you want. Once you have established that business relation, it is there forever, which can create reoccurring business. Now that is a great return on investment!

Are there any contracts with AppTank?

No, AppTank is free to sign up and there are no contracts.

Why pay for the lead?

You are paying us to collect the leads and screen them to ensure that they are premium projects that you, as a developer, can create business from and expand your portfolio. By paying us to perform this service, you know that we are providing potential business more effectively and cheaper than other advertising and marketing methods. No need to throw your money at a marketing method and hope it works.

What is the cost per lead?

Costs per lead vary in price depending on the project's difficulty and size. Here is the price breakdown per lead.

Project Budget Credits Needed
Under $5,000 2
$10,001-$20,000 7
$20,001-$30,000 9
$30,001-$50,000 11

$50,001-$75,000 13

$75,001-$100,000 15

$100,000+ 20

What is the cost for credits?

Amount Total Cost
5 Credits $25
11 Credits (10+1 Free!) $50
17 Credits (15+2 Free!) $75
30 Credits (25+5 Free!) $125
50 Credits (40 +10 Free!) $200

How many leads can I purchase?

As many as you want! There are no limitations to how many leads you can purchase. The more leads you buy, the better the opportunity to expand your business portfolio!

How do I know when new projects are posted?

Under your preferences, you can select how frequent you would like AppTank to send you e-mail updates on when projects are posted.

Does AppTank guarantee that the leads are good?

Yes, we do guarantee that the leads are validated and are legitimate leads. Here at AppTank, we contact each client and validate each lead before it is posted onto the project board. If the project turns out to be a bogus lead, please notify AppTank at .

What is a bogus lead?

A bogus lead is where a project is one or more of the following:
a. Invalid phone number or e-mail address
b. Client is only pricing out developers without the intention to hire one.
c. Other developers pricing out competition
d. Individual doing research on the app development business
e. The client never responded to ANY developers.

What is NOT a bogus lead?

A lead is not bogus if one or more of the following occur:
a. The client decided to put the project on hold due to financial issues.
b. The client picked a developer outside of AppTank for their project.
c. The client corresponded with you but then never got back in touch.
d. The client closed the bid due to the fact they accepted a bid.

Do I get my credits back if it is a bogus lead?

If AppTank determines that the lead was indeed bogus, we will reimburse your account the credits spent on the lead.

Now that I purchased the lead, how do I get hired for the project?

As a developer, you should treat it like an interview. Show the client your portfolio of previous work and what you are capable of providing for them. Also remember that you are bidding for a job with other developers and in situations like this, be sure to show why you are best for their project.

Do I get my credits back if I do not win the project for the lead that I purchased?

No. At AppTank we provide you with sales leads, not guaranteed business. It is up to you to win the project. The only way AppTank will reimburse you for your credits is if the lead is deemed bogus.

Can I bid on a project after the bidding has closed?

No. Once the project has been closed it indicates that the project has the maximum number of bidders or it has reached the closing date the client set.

Now that I completed the project, how do I collect my payment?

Payment for the project is completely up to the client with the app project and you as the developer. AppTank is not involved with anything beyond providing the leads.