AppTank: How To Find iPhone and Android App Developers

How Does AppTank Really Work?

  • For Clients Needing an App Developed

    Submit Your Project

    1. After Signing up, submitting your project is easy. Simply fill out the form with your project's information.
    2. Once you have submitted your project, an AppTank representative will review and confirm the project.


    Review Bids

    1. After your project has been verified and posted, developers will begin submitting bids to develop your app.
    2. You will then review the developers that have placed bids on your project by viewing their profiles, reviews and even their portfolios.
    3. Contact the developers you would like to work with and make sure that they meet your guidelines and expectations


    Hire the Best

    1. Once you have decided which developer best fits you and your project, select them as the winner informing them they are hired!


    Publish Your App

    1. After your project has been completed make sure to review it and approve of the work.
    2. Your project is now complete, you can now put your app to work!
    3. Repeat Step 1 for continued app development success!


    Ready To Post A Project?

  • For Developers Looking for New Projects

    Create an Account

    1. Sign up! Yes, it really is that simple and there are no costs to sign up!
    2. Create and customize your profile and preferences based on your app development skill set.
    3. Select to have preferred projects filtered to eliminate the hassle of reviewing each project to find the one that is best for you.


    Review and Bid

    1. Browse and review projects and select the ones that appeal to you and your skills.
    2. Bid and pitch to the client why you are the best developer for their app project.


    Win Projects

    1. Congratulations!! You are hired! Now it is time to get to work!
    2. Build a solid clientele base and continue to build your portfolio each time you use AppTank.


    Ready To Win Some Projects?