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Success Stories

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"The projects we are bidding on are awesome. My thoughts on AppTank is that it is a great forum for developers and I wish its continued success! "
-Galeo Johnson BampMedia Co-Founder

"My experience has been great. I probably would have never met those developers [that bid on my project]"
-Sandra K.

"I did have a good experience. I think I did decide on going with a guy on the West Coast. He is establishing a new business developing apps and is hungry. That is the exact guy I was looking for. "
-Chris P.

"Just want to thank AppTank for helping me find the perfect fit for us. In our profile, we had requested something unusual as we are a small business on a tight budget. I had asked for a shop willing to collaborate with us by helping us solve some small but important problems in building an App, and thereby possibly develop a relationship for the future. The folks at worryfreelabs have been excellent collaborators, and I am truly grateful for the seamless process you provided for onboarding AppTank and the connection we made with WorryFreeLabs. You are providing a great service! "
-Jeff Peyton

"Love how easy it is to use."
-Dave Sferra CEO Blue Hawk Solutions inc.

" really like AppTank's low-bureacracy approach of simply presenting leads. I've looked at services like eLance and oDesk models and lost patience with the overhead. AppTank is the best approach I've seen for matching projects w/ developers, thank you for building it. "
-Matt Andersen Arevit Solutions, Inc.

"The developer who... got the job... is proving himself to be a great developer and THE best we have ever worked with. We're impressed. I'm glad we used your website instead of Elance for this project."
-Stephanie, Las Vegas, NV
By the See Marketing

"I needed an app for my growing business and had no idea of where to begin. I was referred to AppTank by a friend and it couldn't have been better. Simple process with great customer service."
-Shelley B. Madision, WI

"It was painless to hire the best developer. AppTank provided me with the tools and service I needed to put my company in front of the most talented developers in the country. There was no hassle involved. Highly recommended!"
-Johnathan S. Chicago, IL

"As a developer it is difficult and costly to get your firm out in such an aggressive market. With AppTank, I was able to put a portion of my marketing budget towards bidding on projects rather than towards costly advertisements that showed little return. I am currently developing two projects from AppTank and I look forward to more."
- Josh J. Tallahassee, Florida

"Thank you AppTank and staff for making it easy for me to turn my app project into more than just an idea on paper"
-Scott M. Topeka, KS

"Thank you so much for the awesome customer service!"
- David A., Los Angeles, CA

"Been looking for something like this for a while. Thanks."
-Jon H. Gold River, CA

"This looks like a great service that you are providing. As a developer, I look forward to using it."
- Adam T.,Pocket Pro- Los Angeles, CA

"Glad to hear that you're committed to keeping a premium focus for the site and are working to grow its profile. I hope you're able to achieve success with this, since I think it has the chance to fill a valuable niche."
- Daniel A., Quokka Studios Pty Ltd - New South Wales, Australia

"As someone who is very "green" with regards to IT and apps, AppTank has been very useful and able to put us in touch with a variety of developers and ensure we are provided a competitive quote."
- Neale S., Napier & Blakeley Pty Ltd- Melburne, Australia

"Thank you for your excellent customer service. Your company is very quick in all responses and I greatly appreciate it."
- Nolan H., RiaEnjolie Inc. - Provo, UT

"I am happy to discover AppTank. My experience has been great with AppTank and I will spread the word about it."
- Guinnevere A., Epic Tours

"10 little steps was all it took to get my project out there. Pretty easy and pretty fast results, that is what I wanted!"
- Moritz F., CatchApp